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Feeding Projects

It is estimated that almost 10% of the South African population are children representing all ethnical groups, living below the poverty line and in circumstances beyond their control.

There are so many families that struggle on everyday with no food or clothing for them and their children and most of these families live in horrific conditions.

We at F.A.C.T (FEED A CHILD TODAY), are going to change the fortune of these individuals and their living conditions by initiating the following projects:

We will be helping them with food parcels, clothing, toiletries, blankets, etc.

Providing a basic food parcels per family is costly and we need sponsors. A food parcel with just the bare essentials cost’s us R2000.00 per family per month. We are also in the process of trying to help people that are willing to help themselves, by assisting them in finding employment.

This particular project entails feeding existing and homeless families, as well as supplying of toiletries, clothing and food to the homeless.
We have families who are in need of this assistance; therefore, we are imploring you to adopt one family to be subsidised for one year.

It is also difficult for these needy families when they are aware of how quickly a month goes by, in knowing that they will receive that assistance again and can therefore concentrate on improving their lives by finding some form of employment. Our aim is to get these families work and be independent again.
We will fight poverty and and help all under privileged children live the life they were destined for.

Please note all donations are refundable on your annual tax returns.

* Donate as your heart desires:
R 50 R 150 R 200 R 250 R 300 R 350 R 400 R 450 R 500